Strong experience in Roll Trailers, Translifters and Cassettes is existing in company. Main focus is on Roll Trailer solutions because of it’s high efficiency as an investment and in operation compared to other solutions.

  • CONTIK Trailers

    CONTIK Trailers

    CONTIK Trailers are designed for heavy or large cargo handling. Product portfolio consist of variable models of Rolltrailers to hydraulic trailers as Translifters.

  • Services


    CONTIK provide wide range of spare parts to all Rolltrailers and Translifters, also for other manufacturer trailers.

  • Emrald Industrial Tyres

    Emrald Industrial Tyres

    Emrald Industrial tyres from CONTIK. Product range in tyres include solid resilient tyres, pneumatic tyres and press on band tyres. Emrald manufacture also butyl tubes, flaps and rims.

CT100 PULP HAULER trailer on the market for pulp handling operations
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CONTIK is focusing heavily on industrial trailer solutions
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CONTIK has updated standard rolltrailer models to be very cost efficient
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